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GRG is widely used in decoration industry: ideal decorative material
In the field of decoration, there are a variety of different materials, which are to make the decoration more comfortable and better use. Now in the decoration industry, there is a material called pre cast new decoration material, which belongs to GRG products. This decoration material is widely used in the decoration industry and is a very ideal decoration material. The comprehensive performance of GRG material has reached the British quality standard and is a very good product. GRG products are made of high-density alpha gypsum powder mixed with reinforced glass fiber and some trace environmental protection additives. The surface of this decorative material is very smooth and flat. It feels white and looks clean. The surface of the material is smooth and delicate, The whiteness has reached more than 90%, which can be connected with various coatings to form a good decorative effect. The environmental protection and safety of GRG products have always been very assured. The decorative effect of this material is very ideal. In addition, it is environmentally safe and does not contain any harmful elements. This material can be made into a variety of different products. For example, it can be made into flat panel, can be made into successful functional products, and can be made into special-shaped products. It looks full of artistic sense. It is a popular replacement product in the building material decoration industry, which is very different from ordinary gypsum products. Although the appearance is similar to that of ordinary gypsum products, the material is actually very different. This material is very safe. Because GRG powder has high density and different raw material treatment, this material has good moisture-proof performance and good acoustic performance. It can be used in a variety of different environments. For example, this material can be used in opera houses and hospitals. This material can be washed repeatedly, It will not change the appearance and material of the product. In conclusion, GRG is indeed an ideal decorative material. More and more interior space designers like to use these materials flexibly, so as to express the design style and design concept they want to express.

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Innovation Inspiration

We provide innovative products and sustainable customized solutions. more+

Our products are designed to speed up the construction, simplify the installation, reduce the costs, and improve the efficiency of the project. We provide customer needs assessment. hide+

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We provide customer needs assessment. We understand our customers' needs and wants.more+

We train for innovation and creativity to exceed customer requirements and expectations.hide+


Our products can mix and match with different styles of design. more+

Comply with "Environmental Protection Regulations" and "Fire Protection Regulations". We use the advanced CNC and other equipment to produces the models and molds. hide+

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Quality is our responsibility. We continuous to improve our quality awareness to a higher quality management level and higher efficient operation to meet our customers' needs. more+

  • ● Project Cost Estimation
  • ● Mold Making
  • ● Shop Drawing Preparation
  • ● Quality Supervision and Inspection
  • ● Development of 3D models and CNC pathshide+

New Product Launch

Our Product


GRG Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum

It is a white Alpha Alpha specially modified fiber plaster decorative material, made of glass fiber added with purified water, more+

Without any chemical additives, green environmental protection, the surface texture of the product is delicate, smooth, light weight, high strength, non-toxic and tasteless, fire grade A. The casual nature of the form makes it the first choice for architects who require personalization, and its unique material composition is sufficient to resist the damage, deformation and cracking caused by the external environment.
It is the most popular replacement product in the world of building materials and interior decoration. hide+


PU Polyurethane

PU, also known as Polyurethane. Using synthetic fiber as raw material, reduced deforestation, HCFC-free, no chemicals.more+

Up to the national standard of interior decoration of non-toxic and harmless, green product standards.
Decay-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, waterproof high durability ,lightweight hardness, no deformation Easy to install and easy to process, No scrap, cost-effective and environment friendly, low rate of damage.
The product surface coated with primer and ability to apply a different style and colors.
It is the selection of one of the most popular new high-grade type of interior decoration products. hide+


FRP Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic

It is a kind of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin as the matrix, glass fiber or its products as the reinforced composite material.more+

It is light and hard, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance unique performance advantages.
It has been widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration construction, household furniture, building materials, sanitary ware and sanitation engineering and other related industries.hide+


NC Nature Curve

This product is our latest Building Material development, made from recyclable high-tech composite material green environmental protection.more+

High softness and used for more possibility of non-planar. That can be used to a variety of Curved shapes like Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Curved Surface and cylinder.
Waterproof, insect-proof , flame-proof, Decay-resistant, mildew-proof, this product is stable, hardness, anti-collision, Anti-Stress, no yellowing and can be easily painted.
are available to all water-based and oil-based construction and installation convenience bending randomly. And cause more possibility for creativity. hide+


AD Art Deco

This product is our latest Building Material development newly European style series targeted at the current decorative market. more+

Made from soft composite material to exercise his bendable, stackable and crossover fixing.
Increasing the flexibility use of Building Material construction and installation convenience and cause more possibility for creativity.
Many models for more selection ,It is possible through customization by its design modular of the product. Freely matched .One-of-a-kind.hide+


LS Light & Shadow Zone

It is the modern and contracted series of new research and development, which not only has decorative effect, but also makes its modelling itself more coherent and orderly.more+

Concise and agile line and Angle of ladder type administrative levels stack, geometric bevel, be different from the line on the market now, give a person the same line board can make the experience of different effect however.
Simple construction steps, increase the transmission of light "indirect light", cast light "wall washing" and other applications, up and down can be cast light to open the space level, increase the light source and shadow in the space performance and coordination.hide+

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